With your paycheck in my possession, I can immediately assess the feasibility of obtaining a mortgage. This immediately provides you with a clear picture of the total cost of the home and the associated monthly expenses. You will find that buying a home is much closer than you thought. If you are salaried and can pay rent of at least 1,300 euros, it is also possible to buy a similar property at lower monthly costs. This even includes paying off the mortgage.

Better to buy than to rent

In the Netherlands, expats often pay a very high rent. You don’t see any return on this rent. After a short rental period, you will often have to look for a new home again. It is often cheaper to buy a house and pay off the mortgage. This way you build up capital.

With a house for sale, you have a say in where you want to live. Our office helps to find a suitable home and helps to arrange a good mortgage with the lowest monthly costs. I also supervise the purchase process for you.

If I know how high your income is, you will immediately hear what the maximum mortgage is and the corresponding monthly costs.

Everything in a smooth process.